Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to school

Well, the kids have been back to school for about a week now -Here goes the back to school story...
Of course a few days before school started we got prepared -Got my daughter's schedule and met my son's teacher-etc.
On the 1st day of school we all got up early-my husband even stayed home to make sure things went smoothly. We got my daughter off to the bus -on time and everything-which is pretty early- 7am! Went back home packed my son's lunch and waited until it was time to take him to school. We took him into class for his very 1st day of school! He seemed a bit nervous but, excited -we stayed just a few minutes -as we (me and hubby) were leaving I noticed my son had that look he gets when he wants to cry but, is trying really hard not to. I held it together- it did make me a bit emotional though. Once we got home we left a message for the pediatrician that per the school cafeteria-etc. we need a Dr's note to confirm my son is allergic to milk and will need to drink juice instead. After hanging around the house for awhile we went out to eat lunch -(a somewhat belated birthday outing for me ;) After lunch - since we were right by the pediatrician's we decided to pop in and see if they had the Dr's note ready -we got that and also stopped by the store. We came back home and it seemed not too much longer it was about time to pick my daughter up from the bus stop...
Which we were really wondering what time that would be-since they couldn't give us an exact drop off time -We figured anytime between 2:30 -3pm -Hopefully closer to 2:30 because I would have to leave to pickup my son about 3pm. We got to the bus stop about 2:35pm we waited,and waited -No sign of the bus -When we got there we did notice some kids were walking home but, weren't sure if they were from the same bus as my daughter's and we did not see my daughter anywhere - I was getting quite nervous as it got closer and closer to 3pm .... I finally noticed that I had a missed call on my phone- there was no message though -I tried to call the # back but, it was busy -My husband also tried the # -we realized it was my daughter's school - & it was almost 3pm! We figured she must've missed the bus -we then decided my husband would get his car and pick her up -while I went and picked up my son- and we would also keep trying to call & get through to the school for sure. I was actually a little early to get my son -so, I called my daughter's school -they said she is there and that her dad already called and is picking her up -Whew! We all got back home - I found out my daughter was confused -she thought someone would pick her up at school -we did talk about that possibly depending if the bus dropped off late like 3pm or later -But, I thought we all knew we were going to see how the bus went 1st. We also heard how my son's 1st day went - he likes his teacher and everything. All in all- we survived the 1st day of school!

Now we're getting pretty much used to the routine -we've learned my daughter's bus does drop off early enough to get her and then go get my son. We've also been to my daughter's open house and met her teachers. One of the main problems now is my son -the last couple of days he gets upset before school -starting to cry;saying he doesn't want to go to school (which make me emotional) -But, when I pick him up he's fine and is excited to tell me about his day. I've tried to figure out why he doesn't want to go to school -Sometime's he says he misses sissy,sometimes he says he doesn't like the food (so far we've packed his lunch- except 1 day),1 time he said a kid was mean to him,sometimes he just says he wants to stay home -I'm really not sure?? - I try to tell him that sissy goes to school just like him -so, he wouldn't see her until school is over. I've also had a talk with his teacher -she assures me he is doing fine and just remind him that if someone is mean to let her know - We're thinking he just has before school nervousness ?? I know he likes his teacher,he has fun, he does have some friends - Just today there was a kid walking in front of us and he said it was his friend - they waved at each other - So, when he started pulling away from the school/class -I tried to coax him by saying -let's go see your friend! - Sometimes that's all we need -a glimmer of hope - Just trying to hang onto that- Oy- The Mom Mayhem!


Territory Mom said...

Oh bless everyone's hearts. That first day is so nerve racking. I bet your son will have a great year despite these first few days.

Dawn said...

I'm thinking he is in kindergarten this year, right? I've taught kdg. It's perfectly normal behavior. Did he go to preschool or mother's day out anywhere before this year?

You're doing the best thing for him by encouraging him and not letting him see you anxious about it. He will be fine. =) And think of all the little life lessons he is learning.

I wanted to come over and thank you for the sweet comment you left on my post about Lupus.

I can't believe you've not been to the doctor for two years. LOL! I bet my doctor wishes he didn't see me SO much.

I hope your appt. goes well and you are completely healthy!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

@ Dawn -Actually Pre-K -But, it's a whole day -And this is his 1st school experience! I know it's fairly normal -he is getting better though in the mornings though-Yay!
Oh also went for my checkup -Mon. I've been to the Dr. when I was sick -But, haven't gone for a regular checkup in 2 yrs. -My blood pressure was a little high and waiting to hear about my bloodwork -etc. Hope you figure out all your stuff soon!