Sunday, July 18, 2010

Unexpected Visitors

Seems we probably all have people that are friends or family that we just don't see that often -Of course back in the day you might hear things through the grapevine or talk to them every so often -Nowadays more than likely you might be facebook friends with them.
Like my high school friend even though we don't live that far apart it can be hard to get together -with kids,work schedule, and you know life in general. So,it was nice to get a call from her last weekend when she was in town and for her to stop by for a bit -Even if I was just kinda getting around and maybe not quite ready for visitors -But, she's the kind of friend who's seen it all -The good,bad,and the ugly -just getting up and around look ;)
And then this weekend my cousin who lives quite a few states away and that I literally haven't seen in years happened to be this way for a visit. It was nice to see her and some other family from that side at an impromptu BBQ. Of course I know part of the reason for the impromptu-ness having to keep some people separate(her mom & dad) -A whole big can of worms that I won't fully open here :P
Anyways nonetheless it's kinda nice to have these kind of unexpected visitors - I've had some pretty good weekends lately :)

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Amy said...

I agree. I'm a planner, by nature, but every now and then, an impromptu visit is just what the doctor ordered!