Friday, July 30, 2010

The Friday Five

It's that time again - The Friday Five -Where I mention 5 things about any random topic - And today I want to talk about spoofs;parodies -specifically spoofs on TV shows and Movies -So, here goes:

1. You know I love the Real Housewives -even if it's kids spoofing RHONJ

2. From the same people - Kids spoofing TMZ

3. I'm also a Seinfeld fan -And in this version it's Seinfeld the thriller movie -Serenity Now:

4. I haven't seen the movie Inception yet (I do want to though) But, how about this spoof with "Dora" :

5. Also from the take 180 gang - The Last Hairbender:

-These are pretty funny -Eh? - Well, that's it for now -Have a good weekend!

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