Monday, February 21, 2011

MckLinky Monday -Trips on a tankful

With Spring Break coming up Mrs. Montgomery from the RHOK asks -"What's some places to visit a few hours from your home?"
Well, as most of you know I live in Tulsa,OK and there are quite a few great things here in Tulsa. With that being said there are quite a few good places to visit not too far away as well -Here's not just 1 idea but, a few...

Going South and East about an hour away is Muskogee,Ok -in fact Muskogee has been named 1 of 12 distinctive destinations -you can even vote to make it number 1 until March 15,2011

I always like to visit Honor Heights park there's also the 5 Civilized Tribes Museum nearby among other attractions.
Another idea is taking a trip down historic Route 66 -You could go East or West -If you go west there's a popular restaurant you might've heard about POPS also near there you can also see Arcadia's Round Barn
And last but not least going even further west about 3-4 hours away is Lawton, Ok - 1 of the main attractions there is the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge where you can see buffalo, hike the mountains,-etc. There's also the historic Mattie Beal Home you can visit.

So, there you have it some fun trips on a tankful in Oklahoma :)

Be sure to join in the MckLinky Monday with the RHOK and share some trips on tankful!


Baloney said...

Lawton, huh?
Sounds fun!

The Southern Family said...

OOOOOOPS! My comment went on the snow post! Sorry!

Lynette said...

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge sounds wonderful....more than a tankful for me sad to say.

6 Happy Hearts said...

We've been to Muskogee for baseball.
We will have to venture out of the ball park next time : )
Thanks for linking up with us today!

Brandy@YDK said...

great post! I need to get road trippin this summer. but on the cheap.

Dawn said...

I used to go on field trips to the Azaela Festival in Muskogee. I grew up in the Pryor/Chouteau area and I'm quite familiar with Muskogee.

However, I haven't ever taken my girls. I need to put that on our Must Do list this year.

Thanks for sharing those great ideas and linking up with us.

jennykate77 said...

I never think to mention Honor Heights. We go there pretty often. It's only 15 minutes from our house. It is really pretty when the azaleas are blooming!

I have got to take Isaiah to Pops! It sounds really fun. I'm thinking a road trip down Route 66 is in order for this summer!

Great suggestions!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I am really going to have to check out this Pops place! :)

Jennifer said...

Looks great, we are gonna have to venture out in that direction soon!