Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My neck of the woods -A rollercoaster

Joining in with the RHOK's -Your neck of the woods- In my neck of the woods -the kids just went back to school yesterday:
And their school schedules have changed so I take my son to school 1st -Which it's always hard for me to up and around early -but, we made it on time! After that I have about 15min to get my daughter to the bus stop -which I did on time -but, the bus was late - I tried calling different #'s when I got ahold of the main office they just wanted to transfer me back to transportation -which just goes to voicemail/can't talk to anyone -Urgh! I thought about taking her to school after calling around -but, then the bus finally came -really late -Like school was about to start late! I know it takes some adjustment for everyone -but, Geez! Today the bus was late again -but, not as late at least -Hoping it will get better!
Just seems everything lately has been a bit of a roller coaster like that - Not to get too depressing but, 1 of the kittens got sick and died the other day -the others seem healthy so, hope they will be ok. Oh and someone -somehow got my husband's card # and made charges to our acct. -they are still processing the dispute claims-hoping that gets cleared up soon -So, yeah had some bad days lately but, just trying to remember -life's- Just a ride:


Kasondra said...

I remember announcements for late bus kids all.the.time in high school.

What grades are they going into? Did they have good first days?

Chell said...

I hate when the bus is late, then you think you missed it... We had that problem alot a few years back.

ShaRhonda said...

I am dreading Thursday....they changed BA also. I just saw your unofficial member of the rhok...how about a guest post? We do take submissions you know!

Baloney said...

The bus is always late the first few days around here. Gotta love it!

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

My comment erased! ArgH!!!! Hope your week gets better!