Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Time Keeper -Part 2

Continuing with the RHOK in reading The Time Keeper:

Now we've read to Chapter 21 - We see the characters Dor, Nim, and Alli grow up - I know they are not gods but, I can't help to imagine the brothers Dor and Nim as Thor and Loki like (in the Avengers) -just how I picture them.  Anyway Dor continues to be a measurer of things and eventually measures time -something that struck me -he was the originator of time -he was "Ahead of his time - Consider the many phrases with that word time we use today -Pass time, Waste time, Kill time"  -etc. As I mentioned in my prev. post on this I couldn't imagine not having a schedule of the months, days, hours, and minutes. And it is strange being a stay at home mom because the days can vary from a busy trying to make it on time to this appt. or that event kind of day to a somewhat wasting time kind of day. At this point I don't necessarily identify with any specific character but, yet do also maybe see a glimpse of myself in some of them. As Sarah's story continues I can somewhat relate to that  -But, will talk about it more when we finish out the book -  Until next Time...

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Jonni Baloney said...

Glad you told me to stop by here. I never did find a comment at The RHOK!
I'm headed over to see what you thought of the book when you finished.